Jacks or Better Video Poker

  • Oct 25, 2020

Jacks or Better video poker is among the popular video poker games that were developed by NetEnt - One of the highly recognized casino software game providers in the iGaming industry. The video poker was developed to give casino players better gaming experience. Additionally, Jacks or Better is popular among online casinos around the world. The game displays stunning graphics and easy to use interface. As such players will find this game very easy to play. Also, a player can change the game settings to meet their preference. All you need to do is hit the wrench button icon provided on the screen. The game backdrop displays a city in the night. If you want to know more, you can visit 1netentcasino .

  • Additionally, Jacks or Better video poker is usually played using a deck of cards that includes no wild. Also, the maximum bet a player can stake in this game depends on the hands they played.

Also, in this game, a player can decide to pick 1, 5, 10, 15, or 25 hands at once. The payout in this game is also dependent on the hands a player chooses to play. Players should note that the biggest hand pay out the maximum win in this game. So, in the case of Jacks or Better, choosing the 25 hands can give you the maximum win. At the start of the game, you will be given a total of 5 cards. If these cards include a winning hand, then it will be kept for you automatically. Additionally, if you want to know more about NetEnt video poker games, you can check out atlanticunbound .

On the other hand, if the cards do not include a winning hand, then you will need to decide whether you want to keep or discard it. Once you have made your decision, you can just hit the draw button. When you click on this button, the cards you discard or eliminate will be substituted with new ones. The rules governing this game is very simple. When you have received your cards, there is various hands option that you can select from, depending on how you want to play your game. Among these options are Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, Full House, Two Pairs, Royal Straight Flush, and many more. There is a paytable which you can use to determine the payout possible in the game.

  1. Additionally, you will find the bet levels useful when you want to set your stake amount. The bet level is from 1 to 5. So, you can choose the level that suits your betting bankroll. You can bet within the range of $0.05 and $25.

Like all other casino video poker game, Jacks or Better is also fully compatible on all mobile and desktop devices. As such, players can get to enjoy this table game from the corner of their house while watching their favourite TV shows. Whether you are using iOS or Android, you have nothing to worry about. And the mobile version of this video poker can fit perfectly to any screen. Additionally, video poker can be played for free if you just want to catch all the fun without having to spend your real money. Also, we will recommend that you play the free version of this game before you proceed to play with your money. What makes it more interesting is that you are not required to download any software.

One impressive thing about Jacks and Better is that it offers players an amazing bonus round. The bonus round is also called the gamble feature. This feature allows you to gamble your winnings. However, you can go with your winnings if you don't wish to gamble. In this gamble round, one card facing down will be presented to you. All you need to do is decide whether the card has a black or red colour. To maximize your winnings, you can also predict which the card suit. You can gamble your winnings five times in this round. If you predict the colour right, you get 2 x your winnings, and 4 x your winnings when you predict the right suit. If you lose, then you forfeit your winnings.

NetEnt Jacks or Better